CEDD Success Stories

The CEDD airfield ground lighting technology is now operational in 15 airfields around the world. Read about the success stories of some of these airfields via the links below.

Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, Turkey

To increase the hourly capacity from 40 to 80 aircraft movements, Sabiha Gökçen Airport has expanded its airfield with a second runway, whereby 7,000 taxiway and other addressable light fixtures have been provided in CEDD AGL technology.


Vienna International Airport

In 2024, Vienna Airport completed its first CEDD AGL installation on one of its aprons. After seamless installation by airport technicians and commissioning by the TKH project team, the system now illuminates Pier C31.


Airport St. Gallen-Altenrhein, Switzerland

In June 2024, the second CEDD AGL stop bar system was installed in Airport St. Gallen-Altenrhein in Switzerland.

The airport is located on the border with Germany and Austria, directly at the Lake Constance/Bodensee, and also home of People’s, an Austro-Swiss airline.

Memphis International Airport, USA

The world’s most advanced de-icing system built together with TKH’s CEDD airfield light technology. The integrated system, including more than 1,200 CEDD fixtures, enables Memphis Airport to realize operational efficiencies in its de-icing facilities.


Al Ula Airport, Saudi Arabia

In November 2022, a new hangar for private aircraft was inaugurated at AlUla Airport in Saudi Arabia. The taxiways from and to the hangar are equipped with CEDD airfield lights. The lead time of the AGL project was less than a month.


Morelia International Airport, Mexico

For the replacement of the approach lights, the airport has chosen for CEDD AGL technology. With this choice, Morelia is the first airport in Mexico with a CEDD system. The lights have been installed and commissioned in October 2022.


Amsterdam Lelystad Airport, The Netherlands

This CAT I airport is part of the Schiphol Group, and the most important airport in The Netherlands for general aviation. Lelystad Airport is fully equipped with CEDD AGL technology (1,060 fixtures) and operational since 2019.


Vancouver International Airport, Canada

For Vancouver Airport, the main target to install CEDD was to have fast and reliable communication on the stop bars, controlled from the existing ALCMS. The system was installed on a Runway End Safety Area.


Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport, The Netherlands

The Helispot at Schiphol Airport was one of the CEDD pilot projects that were executed in 2016. In 2020 Schiphol Airport decided to continue with CEDD airfield ground lighting technology for the renewed Helispot.


Marseille Provence International Airport, France

On the airport in Marseille, a CEDD AGL installation was done for taxiway no-entry bars. The installation is a combination of inset and elevated stop bar lights. Conventional systems gave long feedback from stop bars. The fast response (< 1 s) of the CEDD technology make the airport operations faster and safer.

Geneva International Airport, Switzerland

In May 2018, a CEDD AGL system was installed on a new apron in the North-East area of Geneva International Airport. Since its installation there has been no maintenance required to any part of the system.