Unique offering – Legacy and CEDD®

Airports all over the world will benefit from this unique combination in a variety of ways as TKH Airport Solutions has the unique ability to offer both AGL technologies as well as CEDD® AGL technology.

This unique combination of innovation and tradition – CEDD® technology and highly experienced AGL systems – makes TKH Airport Solutions the future of airfield ground lighting.

Developer of CEDD

TKH Airport Solutions is the developer of Contactless Energy Data Distribution: CEDD. We are a reliable partner with more than 50 years of experience in AGL. Therefore we know how important efficiency and safety is. With our CEDD-AGL solution, we seamlessly integrate the needs of airports with new airfield network technology.

The three entities

TKH Airport Solutions manufacturing is handled by Induperm A/S located in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark, as TKH high-quality manufacturing center for AGL lights for the group.

TKH Airport Solutions has two engineering entities:

  • Use System Engineering bv, located in Haaksbergen, Netherlands, focused on CEDD®, UWISE®  Operational Intelligence, Airport Integral Solutions and manufacturing CEDD® products.
  • TKH Airport Technologies located in Lipperbruch, Germany, focused on LED AGL and Legacy business.