About TKH Airport Solutions

TKH Airport Solutions is an innovator in airfield ground lighting (AGL), providing a complete range of LED AGL products. We build upon the know-how from a long and successful tradition of pioneering developments in the AGL and connectivity industry.

The changing aviation industry now calls for innovations more than ever before. Airports need to adopt new and sustainable high-tech systems to become ready for the future. That is why TKH Airport Solutions introduced a new technology within the existing product range of LED lights: CEDD® AGL. A smart and sustainable solution for airports that increases the efficiency, safety and reliability of the AGL infrastructure. With CEDD® AGL we seamlessly integrate the modern needs of airports with new airfield lighting technology.

TKH Airport Solutions originated from three different companies: HELLA KGaA’s Airfield Lighting division from Germany, Induperm A/S from Denmark and Use System Engineering B.V. from The Netherlands. TKH Airport Solutions is one of the operating companies of the Dutch stock-listed TKH Group NV. TKH is the parent corporation of an internationally active group of companies specializing in the creation and delivery of innovative telecom, building and industrial solutions. TKH is listed on Euronext Amsterdam as TWEKA.

Being part of the TKH Group, our company can build on a history of 90 years in smart connectivity, energy distribution and AGL.