Control and Monitoring

CEDD provides real and built-in individual light control and monitoring. This includes individual control of the on/off function, direction, and brightness per direction per light fitting. All of this with a response time of less than 0.5 second.

Unlock the potential of the CEDD AGL technology with the following applications and features.

Follow-the-Greens Active Light Calibration Predictive Maintenance

CEDD enabling taxiing with Follow-the-Greens

CEDD AGL technology is highly suitable for implementing floating ‘Follow-the Greens’, an innovative guidance system for taxiing aircraft. It guides pilots to the correct runway and approach path by using synchronized lighting signals.

The reliable and accurate delivery of power and data through CEDD AGL technology ensures that the lighting system operates optimally, allowing pilots to follow the correct path and safeguard an efficient ground flow.


Especially in extreme weather conditions, Follow-the-Greens will improve the traffic flows at the airfield, decreasing the need for radio communication. Aircraft will be at their destination faster, and will faster be able to move on.

After landing, the pilot is provided with a taxi route proposal to the required gate. The lights are automatically switched along the taxi route, and provide a green path to guide the pilot to his destination.

Implementation of Follow-the-Greens will lead to a significant reduction of emissions at the airfield because of improved traffic fluency (less ‘stop-and-go’)

  • Reduced taxi times and movement delay (~50% - ~80% fewer stops)*
  • Reduced fuel burn (~30% less fuel used)*
  • Reduced emissions (~30% reduction of CO2, HCs, NOx and ~50% reduction of CO)*

*Figures from SESAR European Airport Consortium

Active Light Calibration

Have you ever encountered variations in the light output between fixtures while conducting a photometric measurement? CEDD offers Active Light Calibration that can help you overcome this issue.

After a measurement, the CEDD lights are adjusted to a specific brightness level. This ensures that pilots see a consistently uniform light pattern. Additionally, it avoids overstressing the lights beyond their required level, which extends their lifespan.

CEDD Active Light Calibration results in:

  • Light level compliance achieved during light measurement
  • Extended fixture lifetime – low performing lights do not need direct replacement
  • Leveled light output helping optimizing visibility in all conditions
  • Reduced pilot blinding chances

(background picture courtesy of MALMS)

Monitoring and (Predictive) Maintenance

CEDD AGL enables real-time monitoring of each individual fixture, collecting data on e.g., operating lifetime, temperature, and fixture faults. As an example, node board (CEDD light fitting) temperature can be an indication of failing fixture electronics. The Basestation will detect and report faults in fixtures in real-time to the ALCMS. Regular maintenance is similar to conventional AGL, but with fewer components. Asset data is gathered from the system to enable preventive maintenance. This proactive approach to maintenance can help to prevent major issues from occurring and reduce the need for reactive maintenance, improving operational efficiency and reducing downtime.


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CEDD AGL is now operational on 14 airports worldwide.


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