Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport

San Andrés is a coral island in the Caribbean sea, and part of Colombia. The island holds the sixth busiest airport in Colombia in terms of passengers: Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport (ADZ).

In 2021, the airport was converted from halogen to LED lighting technology with new runway and taxiway lights, PAPIs and airfield signs. This resulted in a great improvement in visibility and a reduction in energy consumption.

Photo courtesy of Aéronautica Civil Colombia

Because of the location of the airport on this small island, and the absence of an adequate approach system, it was difficult to carry out any take-off and landing operations at night. With the new runway lights this situation has improved remarkably, eliminating confusing black holes on the airfield.

The new AGL layout was designed in conformance with the Latin American standard LAR 154.

< The drone video of the airfield was shot during installation and testing of the lights.

The lights were supplied by TKH Airport Solutions and installed by RAPIDEXXUS. TKH also supplied the CCRs providing the power to the lights.

It is important to highlight the great collaboration with TKH Airport Solutions when it comes to supply of the equipment as well as the technical support provided”, says Dário Cárdenas from RAPIDEXXUS. “Also the training that the TKH team provided, despite the distance and the difficulty of travel, was very helpful. They kept in constant communication and transferred the necessary knowledge to the users of the system.

It is important to highlight the great collaboration with TKH Airport Solutions.

Dário Cárdenas
Vice President, RAPIDEXXUS S.A.