TKH Airport Solutions Worldwide

TKH Airport Solutions works at 3 main facilities located in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. Read more about our locations below.

Haaksbergen - The Netherlands

Haaksbergen is the head office of our company. This is where the CEDD technology is designed, developed and manufactured. Also, our board of directors is located in Haaksbergen, along with our projects, marketing, finance and HR teams. With our colleagues we find the right mix of a professional working environment with informal and short communication lines.

Lippstadt - Germany

Our office in Lippstadt is settled within an old military base where the barracks have been transformed into business premises. In one of these barracks you will find our R&D and Quality teams, working closely together with colleagues from other locations.

Nykøbing Falster - Denmark

Nykøbing Falster is where the light manufacturing takes place. All our designs and developments become real products here. It is our responsibility to deliver the highest quality to our clients. We are fortunate enough to have a great production team based in Denmark who takes this responsibility.

TKH Airport Experience Center - The Netherlands

On the airside of Twente Airport in Enschede, The Netherlands, we established an experience, training and test center. Twente Airport once was a military airport that has been developed to become a special function airport. Our experience and technology center has been made out of a former F16 hardened shelter. Here we show and demonstrate our products and test new technologies.


The office in Singapore is our gateway to South-East Asia. The aviation industry is making a rapid growth in the Asian market. Therefore new connections can easily be reached and products can be displayed to the customers. The Singapore office is not only representing TKH Airport Solutions but also some of our sister companies from TKH Group.

Remote office

We understand that balancing work and personal life can be tough, especially with a strict office schedule. Maybe you have to pick up your kids from school or take care of the dog. Ideally we would like to have all our colleagues at the office but sometimes that’s not possible. We believe that having our team close to the action is important, whether that's in the office or working from home. So, we give you the flexibility and trust to decide what works best for you.