CEDD® Stop Bar at Vancouver Airport

Vancouver International Airport installed a CEDD® AGL system on a Runway End Safety Area on the South Runway, as part of the RESA 26L project.

For Vancouver Airport, the main target to install CEDD® was to have fast and reliable communication on the stop bars, controlled from the existing ALCMS. Known issues with power carrier technology were causing the previous conventional circuit installation to fail. CEDD® solved this problem with a response time of less than 1 second.

Beyond how CEDD® improves the communication between the airport’s stop bar lights, the technology also offers a substantial reduction in power consumption. While switching to LEDs does reduce electrical consumption, the full electricity savings potential of LEDs is not obtained when they are simply substituted for incandescent or halogen lamps, for example. Since CEDD® uses a parallel voltage system instead of the traditional 6.6A constant current system, no isolation transformers are required.

The CEDD® system was installed in a pit and duct system that is traditionally used at the airport, with a field-based cabinet (with UPS and climate control) that housed the base stations. The installation of the CEDD® system was efficient causing minimal disruption to the existing taxiway and airfield operations.

Building the RESAs required the removal of some of the approach lighting. These were replaced with LED lights from TKH Airport Solutions. The runway is now implemented as a so-called hybrid AGL system, a combination of the traditional CCR AGL technology and the CEDD® AGL technology.