SmartPad is a unique technology that was created to simplify the coordination of service vehicles and airplanes on de-icing pads. The SmartPad Control Center acts as the hub for CDF bay management and integration control, incorporating Electronic Message Boards that are engineered to work seamlessly with optical guidance systems and inset and safety zone illumination.

It integrates airport lighting and Electronic Message Boards into an automated deicing environment by using sophisticated AI/ML algorithms to identify and guide aircraft movements.

The system is scalable, adaptable, and flexible to meet the unique requirements of every client.

SmartPad® Control System

The SmartPad Control Centre provides bay management of Central De-icing Facility (CDF) and control of integrations:

  • Electronic Message Boards (EMBs)
  • Designed for integrations with inset and safety zones lighting and optical guidance


Electronic Message Boards


Electronic Message Boards or EMBs represent technological innovation, completely changing the way airport de-icing procedures are managed with unmatched sophistication and reliability.

EMBs are carefully designed to support both mobile and fixed applications, including de-icing pads, gates, and taxiways for integrating customizable messaging systems to raise operating standards.

In terms of efficiency, EMBs have a noticeable effect for, reducing the time for the entire de-icing process, which evident the dedication to improving aircraft positioning, especially when the engines are running during de-icing procedures.




  • EMBs strictly follow industry standards, such as ARP 4902, SAE AS-5635, and SAE ARP-5660, which guarantee that lighting is used as directed for safe airplane orientation
  • Our boards adhere to FAA AC 150/5300-14C standards to the letter, demonstrating our firm commitment to the highest standards of safety and regulatory requirement
  • EMBs work in cooperation with Icelink® to enable automatic management of movement communications via ground guidance systems during taxi

Mobile De-icing Solutions

  • Our mobile boards, which are fixed on trailers and are powered by internal power supplies and communication systems, provide unmatched mobility and versatility
  • Increased Throughput & Safety by giving visual aid throughout the Deicing process

Visual Guidance System

Visual Guidance System functionality is provided by cameras and EMBs to automatically leads aircraft into optimal position. Cameras track aircraft from point of entry to stop bar at CDF.

SmartPad® accurately guides airplanes and maintenance trucks inside the large structure, reducing radio chatter and improving security. This accuracy helps to accelerate aircraft takeoff and fits in well with higher throughput requirements.

The incorporation of the Icelink® module guarantees an organized and effective "one system" CDF, providing intelligent management of the actual deicing area, automates the process of coordinating aircraft and smoothly combines all available resources to provide pilots clear directions.

CEDD® Airfield Ground Lightning

CEDD is a smart, safe and sustainable airfield ground lighting technology, designed for LED. Energy and data transport are combined in a single cable. Airfield lights receive their power and data by means of induction, removing the need for transformers and connectors in the field. The lights can easily and safely be installed or replaced without making electrical contact.

Advanced features offered by the Icelink-controlled system include routing, safe zones, and flexible bay configurations. It allows for individual control and monitoring, with fast feedback and operates at low voltage with low energy consumption (50-70% lower than LED). Its induction-based architecture makes it totally watertight and resists both glycol and contemporary deicing agents without the need for connectors or transformers.




  • Based in Ontario, Toronto
  • Provides traffic guidance systems with over 200 operations in Its portfolio
  • Safety and automation are priorities throughout the de-icing process
  • Customized for airports and aircrafts of different sizes



  • Monitor performance data for airport deicing
  • Scalable to any size operation, including remote deicing facilities and gate operations
  • Gives pilots a thorough 160-degree vision, improving situational awareness



  • Built-in individual light control & monitoring
  • Real-time light status and switching of lights in less than 0.5 s
  • Remote asset management
  • Up to 70% lower energy consumption compared to regular LED AGL


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