The world’s most advanced de-icing system built together with TKH’s CEDD AGL technology

For the new centralized de-icing facility at Memphis International Airport, we have integrated our CEDD airfield ground lighting technology with the SmartPad de-icing system from Canadian company JCAII.

Memphis International Airport is home to the FedEx Express global hub, often referred to as the ‘Superhub’, which processes many of the company’s packages. According to Airports Council Internal (ACI), it is the world’s busiest cargo handling airport with more than 4.61 million metric tonnes of cargo handled in 2020. The airport handles 47% of all FedEx volume and 69% of US and domestic volume.

(Top and right pictures courtesy of Memphis International Airport)

JCAII’s SmartPad is a technological infrastructure platform that digitalizes remote de-icing facilities and process management for air traffic. SmartPad’s patented suite of software and hardware are designed as safety systems that provide advanced surface guidance to support advanced de-icing operations.

The CEDD AGL installation consists of more than 1,200 smart Taxiway and Stop Bar lights installed on the East and West aprons of the de-icing bay, and 32 basestations powering and communicating with the fixtures. Together with SmartPad’s Electronic Message Boards and automated guidance/docking systems, the lights provide clear visual commands that guide aircraft into place for de-icing.

(← image of the JCAII SmartPad interface)

The entire community of the Memphis International Airport and its stakeholders are positioned for the future with the safest, most efficient and resilient winter operations in all weather conditions.

Jeff Campbell
President of JCAII

The integrated system enables Memphis Airport to realize operational efficiencies in its de-icing facilities. The use of SmartPad in combination with CEDD AGL technology:

  • lowers the waiting times for aircraft
  • saves significant amounts of overhead for airlines
  • reduces CO2 and NOx emissions
  • lowers energy consumption compared to regular 6.6 A LED lights
  • decreases the need for radio communications to mitigate the risk of miscommunication

Furthermore, since the CEDD technology does not use any transformers or connectors, it is far more resistant against water ingress and de-icing fluids than traditional 6.6 A AGL techology.

The new de-icing facility was opened in November 2022.