Icelink is a web-based information management system created to improve operational and performance data visibility and efficiency in airport deicing. Icelink is a special and dynamic system that gathers and arranges vital de-icing data and provides instantly useful insights to improve operations.

As the only de-icing data system in the world, our Icelink® technology gives operators the ability to take rapid action based on the data it gathers and produces. Icelink’s® design and layout allow for the necessary adjustments to quickly increase operational efficiency. Real-time data is consolidated into a single central location through the integration of consumer electronics like iPads in vehicles and cellular technologies, offering thorough insights into ongoing operations.

Icelink® Pilot

  • Supports pilot initiated deicing request from the flight deck
  • Reduces radio communications requirement for deicing coordination
  • Enables progress visibility and monitoring
  • Provides Hold Over Time data
  • Creates post deicing awareness for pilot

Icelink® Airport Coordinator Interface®

  • View of all active trucks and real time fluid status and usage
  • View of the Flight Schedule
  • Overview of the entire operation in real time showing the stage of deicing each flight is currently at

Icelink® Deicer

  • Reduces unnecessary radio communications to accept flight assignments and complete the deicing process
  • Promotes operational efficiency through at-source data entry
  • GPS tracking promotes improved resource utilization

Icelink® Truck

  • Captures relevant truck deicing data for automated information upload
  • Creates real-time and accurate visibility of fluid status and usage
  • Enhances optimization of all truck deicing resources

Icelink® Performance

  • Provides monitoring of the operational performance based on user-defined report parameters
  • Filtering mechanism allows user to generate on-screen or downloadable datafiles

Icelink® Reporting and Flight Strip data

  • Provides operational efficiency report for the last 3 hours for operations at Gate & Pad
  • Generates a pdf copy of the Flight Strip Data
  • Increases compliance with Auditing agencies and eliminates infractions

Global View & Comparison

The system provides management with a holistic view of entire system-wide operations, enhancing decision-making with real-time information. It displays the current stage of deicing at each active station, enhancing overall visibility and providing comparative information across worldwide deicing operations. Additionally, it benchmarks hundreds of data points between each hub and station, with the ability to transfer displayed information onto charts.


  • Provides bay management of CDF and control of integrations
  • The de-icing pad may be viewed virtually by operators from a 1,000-foot height
  • Reduce radio chatter and improve security



  • Built-in individual light control & monitoring
  • Real-time light status and switching of lights in less than 0.5 s
  • Remote asset management
  • Up to 70% lower energy consumption compared to regular LED AGL



  • Based in Ontario, Toronto
  • Provides traffic guidance systems with over 200 operations in Its portfolio
  • Safety and automation are priorities throughout the de-icing process
  • Customized for airports and aircrafts of different sizes


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