January 24, 2024

TKH acquires JCAII

Press Release | Acquisition complements TKH’s CEDD Technology

TKH Group N.V. (TKH), the parent company of TKH Airport Solutions, announced today that it has acquired 100% of the shares in JCAI Inc (JCAII). The acquisition combines the unique capabilities of TKH Airport Solutions’ smart airfield ground lighting (AGL) and JCAII’s traffic guidance systems.

JCAII offers state-of-the-art guidance software and equipment that provides airports with the tools needed to ensure the aircraft is directed automatically over the tarmac, allowing for maximization of throughput, whilst balancing safety. JCAII has established a strong track record in the airport de-icing area, its patented technology coordinating visual guidance, real time data and operational messaging to both flight and ground crew. JCAII’s software is currently deployed across many airports as well as airlines.

JCAII is based in Toronto, Canada and employs 35 people of which the majority is related to R&D and software development. The annual turnover of JCAII amounted to CAD 13.7 million, with 25% of turnover derived from recurring software sales. JCAII will be able to take advantage of as well as accelerate the growth of the advanced TKH CEDD connectivity technology especially in the North American market. TKH finances the transaction from existing resources. The transaction is expected to have a positive effect on TKH’s earnings per share as per 2024.

Commenting on the acquisition, Alexander van der Lof, CEO of TKH Group, said: “JCAII has established a strong track record in the aviation industry with its groundbreaking guidance software and hardware, which fully complement TKH’s proprietary CEDD technology. Through the combination of JCAII’s activities with TKH we will be able to boost the growth of both JCAII and the TKH CEDD connectivity technology. We look forward to working together to increase the efficiency and safety of the aviation community.”

Jeff Campbell, President of JCAII, continued: “We are excited to work together with TKH, to continue to fulfill our roadmap of equipping the aviation industry with the most advanced technological infrastructure. The combined technological and commercial resources will bring innovative technologies to the market faster and to the appropriate scale through integrated solutions that automate and allow for safer and more efficient airport and airline operations.”

Erik Velderman, CEO of TKH Airport Solutions, concluded: “The acquisition represents a significant milestone for both companies, combining TKH Airport Solutions’ expertise in Smart AGL with JCAII’s strengths in intelligent de-icing process and traffic management systems. The union of our companies will drive innovation, fuel growth, and create new opportunities for clients, partners, and employees.”

Intelligent airfield systems
The combination of the technologies of both companies will establish an unprecedented level of intelligence within the aviation community. TKH Airport Solutions’ innovative CEDD AGL technology has the ability to seamlessly integrate with JCAII’s intelligent management systems Icelink® and SmartPad®. The combination of these technologies was already installed successfully in the new centralized de-icing facility at Memphis International Airport.

North American market
The acquisition will accelerate the growth for both companies globally, and will further position TKH Airport Solutions in the North American market, giving the company the opportunity to provide more extensive project support to its existing and future clients. Customers and partners can expect a seamless transition, with both companies working closely to integrate operations and deliver uninterrupted service. The acquisition will also create synergies that enable the development of innovative solutions to address evolving market needs.

Haaksbergen, January 24, 2024

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About TKH Group N.V.

TKH Group N.V. is a leading technology company. We specialize in the development of innovative, client-centric systems that drive success in automation, digitalization, and electrification.

By integrating hardware, software, and customer-focused insight, our smart technologies provide unique answers to client challenges. In doing so, we work to make the world better by creating ever more efficient and more sustainable systems.

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About TKH Airport Solutions

TKH Airport Solutions develops and manufactures smart Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) systems. We build upon the know-how from a long and successful tradition of pioneering developments in the AGL and connectivity industry.

TKH Airport Solutions introduced a new technology within the existing product range of LED lights: CEDD AGL. A smart and sustainable solution for airports that increases the efficiency, safety and reliability of the AGL infrastructure. With CEDD AGL we seamlessly integrate the modern needs of airports with new airfield lighting technology.

TKH Airport Solutions has its offices in Haaksbergen (the Netherlands), Lippstadt (Germany) and Nykøbing Falster (Denmark). We are one of the operating companies of the Dutch stock-listed TKH Group NV. Being part of the TKH Group, our company can build on a history of 90 years in smart connectivity, energy distribution and AGL.

For more information about TKH Airport Solutions please visit www.tkh-airportsolutions.com.

About JCAI, Inc

JCAII designs, develops, manufactures and installs intelligent infrastructure for the Commercial Aircraft Deicing industry. JCAIIs purpose built systems integrate sophisticated hardware and software technologies to standardize and automate aircraft deicing traffic management and process management globally. JCAIIs patented advanced surface guidance technologies and operational coordination systems provide connectivity and real time data to the flight deck, ground crews and business intelligence improving the overall performance and safety for airports and airlines in their winter operations. JCAII has established a leadership position in the aircraft deicing systems industry and with over 200 operations in its portfolio, the company is poised for years of aggressive growth through advanced innovation for the foreseeable future.

Further information about JCAII can be found on www.jcaii.com.