The open-minded atmosphere enables me to use my knowledge to help improving products.

Patrick Engel
Service Engineer

I started my study at the Technical University of Denmark as an Electrical Engineer with my mind set to end up in the audio business. But after having completed 12 weeks of company practice at TKH Airport Solutions as a part of my study, I figured that the varied work tasks the AGL business has to offer, combined with the option to be a part of the development all the way from product need and production to installation and maintenance at customers, is just to my liking. At the late stage of my study I started working on the side as a Service Engineer and after graduating I finally joined TKH Airport Solutions on a full-time basis.

The Danish department of TKH Airport Solutions is responsible for production of and support for all LED products together with the assembly of the light fixtures for the revolutionizing CEDD® technology. My position as Service Engineer therefore covers both customer as well as production support. Production has equipment that needs maintenance and updated programs for new products. On the customer end the tasks are very diverse. Most topics are cleared via e-mail and calls, but sometimes it requires travelling to airports supporting installers with troubleshooting and doing site acceptance tests. Also, I train airport electricians in the use and maintenance of our equipment.

At TKH Airport Solutions I am never going to be bored. The diversity of the work tasks allows me to follow products from when the need occurs to the design and production process. The open-minded atmosphere enables me to use the knowledge I gain from customer inputs and field experience to help improving products.

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