When you have a good idea, many things are possible!

Maikel Timmer
Industrial Product Designer

After finishing my education in Industrial Product Development I spent a few years working in a company that develops systems for the medical industry. It was very interesting in itself, but after almost nine years I started craving something new. I found that special something at TKH Airport Solutions.

At TKH Airport Solutions product development is also approached from the end user perspective. The better you know what makes your users tick, the better you can create the required innovative products. My job now is to work on TKH’s AGL solutions. It is pretty complicated stuff, especially when you are new here.

I approach my work from the intended use. I look at the environment in which a solution is to be applied, the factors that affect that environment − not only the elements but also things like road salt − and of course the intended users. Besides that I am mainly concerned with creating and maintaining specifications, constructing, testing, and then solving the issues that come to light during tests.

What I like about TKH Airport Solutions is the combination of software, hardware and mechanics. As a mechanical engineer/architect you are really involved with your co-makers. You get to play a part in almost all projects and there is a lot of interaction between domains. Which is logical because everything is connected. All in all, working here is very dynamic and diverse. You can learn a lot in different areas and if you have a good idea, many things are possible!

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