LED Retrofit Kit

Current Taxiway Guidance Signs equipped with halogen lamps or fluorescent tubes are inefficient and consume a lot of power. Could now be the time to upgrade your signs to LED technology, gaining a 70% efficiency in power consumption?

With the TKH Airport Solutions LED Retrofit kit, your existing Taxiway Guidance Signs (TGS) could be upgraded to meet ICAO light distribution requirements. The upgraded TGS will have low power consumption with more than 50,000 hours lifetime when in full operation.

The LED Retrofit Kit provides an easy and fast conversion of existing TGS to the latest LED technology.

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Data Sheet

PDF, 903 kB

The LED TGS Retrofit Kit consists of four components: the LED Module, an internal connection cable, an external connection cable, and an electronic driver with 6.6A or 230V supply.

One LED Module Array will illuminate a sign surface area of 400mm wide and 600mm high. The amount of LED Modules required per sign will depend upon its overall size (length, height and depth). A configuration table is available in the Data Sheet to calculate requirements for each size of sign.

Retrofitted Taxiway Guidance Sign

Retrofitting Taxiway Guidance Signs on Stansted Airport

London Stansted Airport is upgrading their entire airfield, including LED retrofitting of their airfield signs. The upgraded taxiway guidance signs have reduced power consumption of around 70%, helping drive down operating costs and cutting CO2 emissions.

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5 Reasons why you should LED retrofit your airfield signs

In recent years, airfield operators have converted their Taxiway Guidance Signs from inefficient and power consuming halogen and fluorescent lighting technology to LED, using LED Retrofit kits. For those airports that have not yet retrofitted their signs, we give 5 reasons why not to wait any longer.

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