March 1, 2021

TKH Airport Solutions introduces new series of elevated lights

TKH Airport Solutions proudly announces the launch of a new product family of elevated airfield ground lights. Key features of the new 797-series are the low energy consumption, the IP69 rating, and the individually controllable circling guidance light and heated front glass.

The low power LED lights have a number of unique benefits:

  • Heating – The lights have an optional heated front glass for use in cold climates
  • Circling guidance – The lights can be supplied with a circling guidance light on top of the fixture, permitting identification of the runway to the aircraft pilot in case of a circling approach
  • Individual control – The lights can be supplied with a second plug enabling individual control of either the circling guidance light or the heating
  • IP68 and IP69 – The ingress protection rate is IP68 and IP69, which means that the lights are suited for continuous immersion in water and resistant to high pressure cleaning
  • Light weight – The lights are light-weighted and therefore easy to handle
  • Easy adjustment – The lights have a single point for tilt adjustment, which means they can be installed with one pair of hands, enabling installation staff to do their work more efficiently

All the main light functions have been ICAO certified and will soon become available as part of the CEDD® AGL system – TKH’s innovative contactless energy and communication technology. The use of the new elevated lights in a CEDD® AGL design will result in a substantial reduction of power consumption compared to traditional LED lighting installations.

The 797 product family is now available in all main AGL functions and can be ordered as per today.

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