May 12, 2020

Second CEDD® AGL installation on Schiphol Airport

We are proud to announce the completion of the second CEDD® AGL installation on Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Helispot at Schiphol Airport was one of the CEDD® pilot projects that were executed in 2016.

Following the successful performance over the past 4 years, Schiphol Airport has decided to continue with CEDD® AGL technology for the renewed Helispot.

CEDD® AGL has the benefit of consuming 40% lower energy compared to a traditional LED AGL system, reduced civil and maintenance costs as well as fast and reliable communication with the AGL Control and Monitoring System. Therefore CEDD® AGL is a great fit with Schiphol’s ambition to operate the world’s most sustainable, high-quality airports. In addition to Schiphol Airport, the sister airport at Lelystad also utilises the CEDD® AGL technology.