Service Contracts

As your service orientated partner in airfield lighting, we assist you in improving your airside safety, efficiency, availability and maintainability.

TKH Airport Solutions does this by improving product quality and product MTBF, but at the same time we must realize, that the airport maintenance staff will lack training in trouble shooting, adjustment etc. Over the years we have entered a number of Service Contracts with our customers. The purpose of a Service Contract is not to take over the maintenance, but to secure that sufficient and regularily up-dated know-how is available on-site.

Usually, our service contracts include the following elements:

One or more technicians from Induperm will pay a visit to the airport once or twice a year.
During these visits:
a.) Update fo maintenance staff education to latest standards
b.) Intensive staff training in trouble shooting and repair work

The airport will receive information on new product improvements
A defined range of faulty electronics can be repaired to a fixed yearly price
24 Hours support over the phone.

      We can always count on the technical experts of TKH Airport Solutions. Even in the middle of the night they are available to support us.

      Hans Hansener, Technical Director Zurich Airport