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24-26 May 2021 - Event

Airport Show Dubai

We will exhibit at the Airport Show Dubai, which will be held on 24-26 May.

Airport Show Dubai claims to be the world’s largest annual airport event and the finest meeting place for the aviation sector to discuss how to succeed in today’s more competitive and recently disrupted world.

You can find TKH Airport Solutions at booth 8003.

More information about the event can be found here.

9-12 November 2021 - Event

Inter Airport Europe 2021

We will exhibit during Inter Airport Europe 2021, which takes place in Munich, Germany from 9-12 November 2021.

The 23rd International Exhibition for Airport Equipment, Technology, Design and Services is entitled ‘Runway to Recovery’. We will showcase our latest developments and you will have the ability to speak with our staff at booth 1214.

More information about the event can be found here.

20-21 April 2021 - Event

Inter airport CONNECT

We will participate at the digital inter airport CONNECT event on 20-21 April 2021.

inter airport CONNECT is a new interactive networking event for professionals from the entire airport industry. Ahead of the live show in November, exhibitors are going to present their innovative products, systems and services on a digital platform.

Registration is free on https://www.interairporteurope.com/en-gb/connect.html

March 1, 2021 - News

TKH Airport Solutions introduces new series of elevated lights

TKH Airport Solutions proudly announces the launch of a new product family of elevated airfield ground lights. Key features of the new 797-series are the low energy consumption, the IP69 rating, and the individually controllable circling guidance light and heated front glass.

The low power LED lights have a number of unique benefits:

  • Heating – The lights have an optional heated front glass for use in cold climates
  • Circling guidance – The lights can be supplied with a circling guidance light on top of the fixture, permitting identification of the runway to the aircraft pilot in case of a circling approach
  • Individual control – The lights can be supplied with a second plug enabling individual control of either the circling guidance light or the heating
  • IP68 and IP69 – The ingress protection rate is IP68 and IP69, which means that the lights are suited for continuous immersion in water and resistant to high pressure cleaning
  • Light weight – The lights are light-weighted and therefore easy to handle
  • Easy adjustment – The lights have a single point for tilt adjustment, which means they can be installed with one pair of hands, enabling installation staff to do their work more efficiently

All the main light functions have been ICAO certified and will soon become available as part of the CEDD® AGL system – TKH’s innovative contactless energy and communication technology. The use of the new elevated lights in a CEDD® AGL design will result in a substantial reduction of power consumption compared to traditional LED lighting installations.

The 797 product family is now available in all main AGL functions and can be ordered as per today.

Read more about the new lights on https://www.tkh-airportsolutions.com/elevated-airfield-lights-type-797.

November 2nd, 2020 - News


Because of the big interest in our technology and solutions, we are looking to expand our team. Take a look at our Careers section to see our job openings and to find out what it is like to work at TKH Airport Solutions.

Dienstag 10. November 2020, 15:00 - Event

Webinar: CEDD®, die Zukunft der Flugplatz-Bodenbeleuchtung (Deutsch)

Sehen Sie die Aufzeichnung dieses Webinar auf Deutsch über CEDD®, eine bahnbrechende Innovation in der Bodenbeleuchtung auf dem Flugplatz.

CEDD® ist eine innovative kontaktlose Energie- und Datenverteilungstechnologie. Energie- und Datentransport werden in einem zweiadrigen Kabelsystem, einer Basisstation und kontaktlosen Benutzerpunkten kombiniert. Mit diesem strukturierten Kabelkonzept lässt sich die Beleuchtung auf Flugplätzen einfach installieren oder austauschen, ohne elektrischen Kontakt mit dem Strom- oder Datenkabel herzustellen.

Aber wie funktioniert CEDD® wirklich? Und warum ist es so vorteilhaft im Vergleich zu regulären LED AGL? Welche Komponenten benötigen Sie und wie sollte ein CEDD® AGL-Layout entworfen werden?

Bitte senden Sie uns eine E-Mail an sales@tkh-airportsolutions.com und erhalten Sie einen Link zur Aufzeichnung dieser interaktiven Sitzung mit Vorführungen, Beispielfällen und Fragen und Antworten.

Webinaire CEDD en français

Mercredi, le 4 novembre 2020 | 15:00 CET - Event

Webinaire: CEDD®, le Futur du Balisage Aéroportuaire (français)

Regardez l'enregistrement de ce webinaire sur CEDD®, une innovation pionnière dans le balisage des aéroports.

Le CEDD® est une technologie « sans contact » innovante pour la distribution d’énergie et la transmission de données. L’énergie et le transport de données sont combinés dans un système de câbles à deux fils, une station de base et des points d’utilisateur sans contact. Grâce à ce concept de câble structuré, le balisage des aérodromes peut être facilement installé ou remplacé sans contact électrique avec le câble d’alimentation ou de données.

Mais comment fonctionne vraiment le CEDD® ? Et pourquoi est-il si bénéfique par rapport au balisage LED ordinaire? De quels composants avez-vous besoin et comment une installation CEDD® AGL doit-elle être conçue?

Envoyez-nous un e-mail à sales@tkh-airportsolutions.com et recevez un lien vers l’enregistrement de cette séance interactive avec des démonstrations, des exemples de réalisations et des questions et réponses.

7 de Octubre de 2020, 09:00 CST / 16.00 CET - Event

Webinar: CEDD®, el futuro de la Iluminación Aeroportuaria

Vea la grabación de este webinar sobre CEDD®, una innovación pionera en la iluminación aeroportuaria.

CEDD® es una tecnología innovadora de distribución de datos y energía sin contacto. El transporte de energía y datos se combinan en un sistema de cableado de dos cables, una estación base y puntos de usuario sin contacto. Con este concepto de cable estructurado, la iluminación de los aeródromos se puede instalar o reemplazar fácilmente sin haber contacto eléctrico con el cable de alimentación o de datos.

Pero, ¿cómo funciona realmente CEDD®? ¿Y por qué es tan beneficioso en comparación con el LED AGL normal? ¿Qué componentes necesita y cómo se debe diseñar un sistema CEDD®?

Envíenos un correo electrónico a sales@tkh-airportsolutions.com y reciba un enlace a la grabación de esta sesión interactiva con demostraciones, casos de ejemplo y preguntas y respuestas.

August 5, 2020 - News

Press Release: TKH Airport Solutions acquires prestigious contract for airfield ground lighting based on CEDD® technology for Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport

Contract awarded to TKH and partner AKBA Technology & Defense Industry

TKH Airport Solutions has been awarded the airfield ground lighting (AGL) contract, based on CEDD® technology, for the second runway at Sabiha Gökçen International Airport in Istanbul, Turkey. The contract includes a hybrid solution, whereby the taxiways and all other addressable light fixtures will be provided in CEDD® AGL technology – TKH’s innovative contactless energy and communication technology. The main runway will be equipped with the traditional LED airfield ground lighting technology.

Sabiha Gökçen International Airport hosted over 35 million passengers in 2019 and is the second busiest airport of Turkey and Europe’s 12th busiest airport. It decided to expand its airfield with a second runway. Sabiha Gökcen’s efforts to improve energy efficiency helping reduce carbon emissions resulted in the airport becoming one of the few LEED certified airports in the world earlier this year. The choice for the TKH CEDD® technology is a great fit with the airport’s environmentally-conscious vision and eco-friendly implementations and will result in substantial reduction of power consumption compared to traditional LED lighting installations.

Erik Velderman, CEO of TKH Airport Solutions: “After an extensive process, we are proud to be selected as the supplier of innovative airfield ground lighting for Sabiha Gökçen. Following several successfully implemented AGL projects with CEDD® technology, Sabiha Gökçen is proof of our unique and distinctive technology for airfields. We look forward to working on this project with AKBA Technology.”

Osman Aksoy, Co-Founder of AKBA Technology & Defense Industry : “We are delighted that all our hard work to position TKH Airport Solutions with their innovative CEDD® technology at Sabiha Gökçen Airport has resulted in winning one of the most important tenders in Turkey. We now look forward to working on the project with TKH to make it a success and to continuing exploring new opportunities together in Turkey and beyond.

On-site delivery and installation of the AGL system begins with immediate effect. The new runway is scheduled to be open by the end of 2020.

> Download the press release

July 8, 2020, 12.00 CET - Event

Webinar: CEDD® AGL Design and Installation

In this webinar we discussed AGL design and installation with CEDD®, our innovation in airfield ground lighting.

CEDD® is an innovative contactless energy and data distribution technology. Energy and data transport are combined in a two-wired cable system, a base station and contactless user points. With this structured cable concept, lighting on airfields can easily be installed or replaced without making electrical contact with the power or data cable.

But how does CEDD® really work? Why is it so beneficial compared to regular LED AGL? What components do you need, and how should a CEDD® AGL layout be designed?

Please drop us an email at sales@tkh-airportsolutions.com and receive a link to the recording of this interactive session with demonstrations, example cases and Q&As, that took place on July 8th in our experience center at Twente Airport.