If something works the way I thought it would I always get a kick out of that.

Michiel Cnossen Hardware Engineer

I love adventure. As a child I lived with my parents in Singapore for four years. And as a student of Electrical Engineering I chose foreign internships, six months in South Africa and another six in Finland.

After my studies I worked as a software engineer for a manufacturer of machines for the offshore industry. But what I really wanted was to work with hardware. That is where I come into my own. In my spare time I build computer-controlled milling machines. That is my hobby, I am crazy about mechanics. When building my machines I take care of almost everything: design, mechanics, hardware… I only get a little help with the software. In each new machine I try to make improvements.

Looking for a more hardware-oriented job I was introduced to TKH Airport Solutions − a technology company with a great track record, making innovative products with proprietary technology. I was hired as an analogue designer, which turned out to be a much-encompassing job. That works for me, as I like to look beyond the boundaries of my own field. I am now co-responsible for the lighting node hardware. In this capacity I get to deal with a lot of different domains and aspects, such as the thermoregulation of the lamp itself, vibration and impact testing, cooling, and the necessary waterproofing. In addition, the job requires gaining knowledge of the worlds in which my designs end up being applied, such as Airfield Ground Lighting at airports. We recently took a course from a real guru in that area, Keith Costall. Soon we will start operating a system at an airport.

TKH Airport Solutions is an ambitious company, which is a necessity if you want to bring something new to the market. Our hardware and software people work together in one space, so lines of communication are very direct and you are involved in the entire process. We work according to the “first time right” principle. In other words, make sure you get everything right from the go without leaving difficult stuff until later. If something works the way I thought it would I always get a kick out of that. That is what the job is all about.

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